In 1976, Emidio Quinzi returned to Italy to learn the secrets from the masters in confectionery.

Today, Emidio’s son, Joe and his wife Antonetta carry on the family tradition in their purpose built factory (built in 2009).

Their commitment to building on the solid European traditions, refining techniques and introducing new sweets has led Quinzi’s to become one of Australia’s major suppliers of wholesale sugar coated confectionery.

Emidio started manufacturing ‘Wedding Bomboniere’ and then began to diversify when his son Joe became more involved in the business in 1994. Since then, Emidio has retired and his son Joe continues to manufacture an array of panned confectionery and is often asked to manufacture niche unique products.

Quinzi’s also import a range of Confectionery products from Europe that include Gold and Silver sugar coated almonds, assorted metalic coloured Cashous for cake decorating ranging from 2mm to 8mm.

Below: Our new Factory Outlet at 31 Henry Street, Stepney.