Cashous (1Kg Packs)


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Product Description

Imported from Italy.

Colourful Cashous, used mainly in cake decorating.

Super Special Offer (While Stock Lasts).

Available in assorted colours and sizes.

Silver 2mm  $63.00 per kg  (Limited Stock)
Silver 4mm $63.00 $30.00 per kg (While Stock Lasts)
Silver 6mm $63.00 per kg (Limited Stock)
Silver 8mm $63.00 per kg (Limited Stock)

Gold 2mm $63.00 per kg
Gold 4mm $63.00 per kg
Gold 6mm $63.00 per kg (Limited Stock)
Gold 8mm $63.00 per kg (Limited Stock)
Blue 4mm $63.00 $40.00 per kg (While Stock Lasts)
Pink 4mm $63.00 $40.00 per kg (While Stock Lasts)
Green 4mm $63.00 $40.00 per kg (While Stock Lasts)

Mixed 4mm available by request

All colours and sizes listed above are sold in a 1Kg packs.

Select the colour and quantity you would like to order from the
drop down menu, alongside the main image above.

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Weight 1 kg