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Our History

Serving both retail customers and wholesale clients with the same dedication to quality products, Quinzi’s Confectionery continues to deliver excellence after nearly 50 years.

We stand apart with our:

Pure coverture chocolate & Australian sugar, for discerning consumers. Our choice to use pure coverture chocolate and Australian sugar ensures a heightened palate-experience.

Small-batch or medium-scale new product development, testing and production. Our ability to confidentially support the development of innovative and new product lines, is why small and large brands around Australia choose to work with Quinzi’s Confectionery.

Compliance & best practice approach to production. Our HACCP certification, assures our customers of the quality and compliance that accompanies all of our products and processes.

Our new Factory Outlet at 31 Henry Street, Stepney

The evolution of Quinzi’s Confectionery

In 1974, Emidio Quinzi returned to Italy to learn the secrets from the masters in confectionery.

In the early years, Joe Quinzi worked closely with his father in family business as a young schoolboy. After school, Joe would learn firsthand all the procedures and special techniques that went into making their traditional sugared products. This is where his passion for confectionery grew.

Once finishing high school Joe spent nine months in Italy, Naples training to become a pastry chef. Returning to Australia, he realized his heart was still in confectionery and followed his dreams to Arnott’s Mottram Menz. There he worked four years in the confectionery sector and specializing in chocolate manufacturing, chocolate panning, chocolate coating, chocolate enrobing and all aspects of confectionery manufacturing.
But Joe’s heart was always at home as he jumped at the opportunity to return to his father’s factory. It was where he finally fulfilled his goal of being a qualified confectioner by the age of twenty eight doing an in-house apprenticeship confectionery course and a cert 4 in food manufacturing.

Emidio was reaching his retirement so bought the business from his father who was later joined by his wife Antonetta in 1996 2 years after they married. Antonetta had worked in retail for over 10 years which gave her great insight to the retail sector of the business.

Today, Emidio’s son, Joe, and his wife Antonetta carry on the family tradition in their purpose-built factory (built in 2009).

Their commitment to building on the European traditions, refining techniques and introducing new sweets has led to Quinzi’s to become one of Australia’s major suppliers of wholesale sugar coated confectionery.

Emidio started manufacturing ‘Wedding Bomboniere’ and then began to diversify when his son Joe bought the business. Since then, his son Joe continues to manufacture an array of panned confectionery and is often asked to manufacture niche unique products. This includes a range of chocolate products which continue to expand throughout the years.