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Quinzi’s Confectionery provides prototyping for panned products with a range of early sampling, models, or release of a product developed through rigorous testing. Given any brief or concept of product, Quinzi’s Confectionery can produce the desired sample and always thrive for perfection. The manufacturing process is provided free of cost.

New Product Development

Quinzi’s Confectionery provides new panning product development (NPD), following a criterion in order to bring a new product to the marketplace. This is ideal in the early process of producing a new product. We are able to complete variations to give clients the best range of what their future product could be. The manufacturing process is provided free of cost.

Contract Work

Quinzi’s Confectionery provides contract work, which mainly includes the process of coating products. This includes a range of coating needs, whether it is for chocolate coating or sugared coating; Quinzi’s Confectionery offers thin, thick, hard or soft coating. We can meet any criteria and will work until the customer is completely satisfied. Depending on the type of product the price may vary.

High Quality Confectionery

Quinzi’s Confectionery is an Adelaide based company producing select fine quality Confectionery products. The Quinzi family has been preparing confectionery since 1976. Built on European traditions, Quinzi’s has become one of Australia’s major manufacturers of Sugar or Chocolate coated panned products. Our commitment to quality is recognized by continuing to maintain HACCP quality endorsement since 1999 and working towards BRC Accreditation. Made fresh, most of Quinzi’s products can enjoy an extended shelf life for up to two years.